Ongoing Research

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Rebecca’s research interests are in elucidating the molecular function of human gut bacteria with a primary focus on how the microbiota interacts with nutrients and drugs.
Her current research focuses on the Bacteroidetes, a Phylum of Gram negative bacteria found in aquatic, terrestrial, and host-associated environments including the human gut. These bacteria encode large numbers of carbohydrate-active enzymes to consume glycans from our their environment, including fiber from our diet. These enzymes are encoded within Polysaccharide Utilization Loci (PUL) that also encode genes for cell-surface proteins to bind and import glycans. The prototypical protein complex encoded with a PUL is the Starch Utilization System (Sus) of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. Within Sus, the protein responsible for import of starch is called SusC and is hypothesized to be a TonB-depending transporter. Rebecca’s research focuses on the function of SusC and she is currently investigating pairing with TonB.

Rebecca is trained as a biochemist and x-ray protein cryptographer. These skills are particularly useful in characterizing carbohydrate-active enzymes similar to the SusD-G proteins. Membrane proteins such as SusC and TonB are more difficult to work with and therefore, Rebecca has taken a bacterial genetics approach to enhance understanding of those aspects of the complex.

Mentored Students

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rohini Bahethi
, January 2015-May 2016
Kristen Segars, January 2015-May 2016
Loraine Christanson, November 2015-November 2016, continued to lab technician position
Emma D’Agostino, August 2014-May 2016, currently in PhD program at Emory University
Erin Moore, August 2014-May 2015
James Ingle, January 2012-May 2015, continued to lab technician position
Jeffrey Hymes, January 2012-May 2014, continued to Master’s program, currently working as research scientist

University of Michigan

Sameeksha Venkatesh
, September 2017-present
Cameron Russell, September 2018-April 2019
Adeline Morris, September 2018-April 2019, currently working in Koropatkin lab with another postdoc 
Anna DeVeaux, September 2017-June 2018, currently working in Koropatkin lab with another postdoc 


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